Weighted Blanket Weight Chart

Last Update: January 12th, 2023    Author: Wendy Rhodes

Weighted Blanket Weight Chart

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With the immense array of weighted blankets available in a range of sizes and weights, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect choice. How do you ensure that your selection is exactly right?

We have a comprehensive guide on how to choose a weighted blanket, but we felt it was important to dedicate a quick reference guide to find the right blanket size and weight based on the weighted blanket weight charts below.

When searching for the perfect blanket, it’s essential to make sure you get something that is soothing and can put your mind at ease. It also shouldn’t be excessively heavy since this could cause discomfort. Your sleeping position should be taken into account as well: back or stomach sleepers may want a heavier blanket but side sleepers might favor one that is on the lighter side. Additionally, if you have any joint sensitivity in places like knees, hips, or back—it would probably be best to opt for something more lightweight.

When choosing a blanket for someone, regardless of whether it’s an adult or child, always ensure that the weight is light enough for them to move with ease.

As a general starting point, you should use 10% of the person’s body weight when selecting a weighted blanket. Occupational therapists typically recommend adding an additional 1-2 pounds to this percentage for children. Although it is not set in stone, this formula can be used as an invaluable guide while making your selection!

Children’s blankets may be as lightweight as five pounds, while larger ones could weigh up to 35 or even more. Size and weight vary depending on the type of blanket you choose.

Weighted Blanket Weight Chart for Adults

If you’re an adult looking for the perfect weighted blanket to give yourself a sense of comfort and ease, this weighted blanket weight chart data table is here to guide your way. The ideal weight of your blanket can differ depending on various factors such as body type or sleeping habits; however, the recommended weights listed are just what you need!

Choose from any of the designated ranges in pounds that match up with yours and never worry about not being relaxed again—just make sure it’s neither too heavy nor too light.

WeightBlanket Weight
100 - 110 lbs10 - 11 lbs
110 - 120 lbs11 - 12 lbs
120 - 130 lbs12 - 13 lbs
140 - 160 lbs14 - 16 lbs
160 - 180 lbs16 - 18 lbs
180 - 200 lbs18 - 20 lbs
200 - 250 lbs20 - 25 lbs
250 - 300 lbs25 - 30 lbs
300 - 350 lbs30 - 35 lbs

Downloadable Image of Weighted Blanket Weight Chart for Adults

Weighted Blanket Weight Chart for Adults

If you’re still unsure of which size to go for, check out our calculator below for a more specific recommendation!

Weighted Blanket Calculator

With the help of our Weighted Blanket Calculator, you can easily find out the right weight of the weighted blanket. Simply input your body weight to be provided with personalized recommendations for the ideal weighted blanket - securing maximum comfort and relaxation!


Weighted Blanket Weight Chart for Kids

It is essential to select the correct weight of a weighted blanket for children in order to ensure optimal comfort and relaxation. This data table provides recommended weights based on bodyweight ranges, expressed in pounds. Please keep in mind that it can be difficult to provide an exact recommendation due to the individualized needs of each child; therefore, this table should only serve as general guidance - not a hard rule. It is important to note that blankets that are too heavy or too light will not produce the desired result for your little one’s well-being!

WeightBlanket Weight
20 lbs3 - 4 lbs
30 lbs4 - 5 lbs
40 lbs5 - 6 lbs
50 lbs6 - 7 lbs
60 lbs7 - 8 lbs
70 lbs8 - 9 lbs
80 lbs9 - 10 lbs
90 lbs10 - 11 lbs
100 lbs11 - 12 lbs

Downloadable Image of Weighted Blanket Weight Chart for Kids

Weighted Blanket Weight Chart for Kids

Sizing Chart

Unlike regular-sized blankets, weighted blankets tend to be smaller and won’t necessarily stretch or hang off the sides of your bed.

You can find the typical blanket sizes, their names and ages of kids, where applicable, in the following sizing chart.

Kids (about 5 years)36 x 48 in
Kids (ages 6 to 10)41 x 60 in
Kids (ages 11 to 15)48 x 72 in
Full / Queen Size60 x 80 in
King Size80 x 87 in


We trust this weighted blanket weight guide has been a useful tool in discovering your ideal fit. Remember that the right weight of the blanket for you can be affected by several factors such as body type or sleeping practices - so feel free to experiment and try different weights and find what feels most comfortable for you!

To gain more insight into selecting the perfect weighted blanket, be sure to check out our comprehensive articles that cover the best weighted blankets for both adults and children, as well as our reviews on some great cooling blankets.